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I Am Abo

To make a positive impact on society that will yield meaningful opportunities.

Ambition Breeds Opportunity seeks to utilize its platform to curate an empowering experience. 
We strive to deliver meaningful content and high-quality products inspired by stories of truth, creativity and self-identity – from the commUNIty – for the commUNIty. 

What’s an opportunity without ambition

– I Am Hiyhm

Founded by writer, poet, speaker and designer I Am Hiyhm, Ambition Breeds Opportunity® is a high-quality apparel brand, created as a means of self-expression, to promote undeniable, meaningful and relate-able statements. For simplicity, it is commonly called Abo (pronounced /a’bō/).
Collections and series available through the brand consists of the I Am Collection, the Homage Collection and the Heirs Series (coming soon).

I Am Collection
The I Am collection is a center-piece of the brand.
As Robert T. Kiyosaki stated, “it’s not the words, but the story the words are telling you.” Each piece in the collection tells a story that promotes identity. Through these pieces, an opportunity is created for each person to be the author and narrator of his or her story or the story of voiceless. This is emphasized, not only in the message, but through the design elements, such as the color schemes, the shirt descriptions, personalized attributes included, intent and purpose.

Homage Collection
The Homage collection is a purposeful, special edition collection. Each piece is designed by I Am Hiyhm, and is intended to recognize the subject(s) of the piece, by educating people about the subject(s), and honoring them for their contribution, influence and achievements.
Included with the collection is an ode that amplifies the meaning of that piece and the the subject(s), giving each person a deeper perspective and a more unique and personal experience.

Abo is guaranteed to grab the world’s attention, empower, unite and further push important conversations and causes through quality apparel.

Ambition never comes to an end

– Kenneth Kaunda

***In alignment with the mission of the brand, a percentage of net profits from specific pieces will be donated to respective causes/foundations expressed.
Mamba Forever – Mamba On Three Foundation or
I Am What A Pre-existing Condition Looks Like